Why partners love Green.

It’s easy to see why Green Capital works with more and better companies.

Fantastic Commissions

Apply today for partnership and let’s talk commissions. You’ll find that your commission structure is the most aggressive in the industry, offering maximum compensation for productive partners.

Funding The Unfundable

We fund thousands of deals for companies with B-F credit. When you find a deal that other merchant cash providers say is undoable, Green will get it done.

24/7 | 365 days a year

Our agents fund your deals 24/7, so your leads never have to go cold while you wait for another funder. Give us your app right now, get your client funded right now.

Fastest Funding Available

Usually, low credit means long delays in the struggle for approvals. Green Capital offers same-day approvals for any deal that we’re willing to fund, and same-day funding for approved deals.

Tell us what you can do.

We seek partnerships from all types of businesses.


Business service providers grow their revenues every day by adding Green Capital’s funding solutions to their existing suite of offerings. Merchant account providers, equipment leasing firms, and small-business resource providers make perfect Green Capital partners.



Some companies are just born to sell, and those companies turn bigger profits when they partner with Green Capital. Whether you’re a high-volume cold-calling operation, or an old-fashioned pavement-pounding outside sales group, or a little of both, Green Grows your bottom line.



If you’re a leader in your local business community and know other business owners that can use working capital, Green Capital can help you monetize your network of business connections. It might start as a second revenue stream, but it will grow to be your first.



Adding Green Capital funding solutions to a network of affiliate-marketing websites has the potential to scale astronomical profits. We are the only company that can scale funding quickly enough to match the demand that an effective affiliate network generates.



For banks and financial technology companies offering small to mid-sized businesses apps and online banking portals, Green Capital funding is an easy fit and an excellent way to grow revenue. It’s simple to integrate our application into your websites and apps for additional revenue.